Time Management Quick Tips

  1. Decide upon your Goals.
  2. Work with a Vision.
  3. Draw a strategy to reach medium and long term goals.
  4. Make an action plan for the short term goals.
  5. Keep a goal lidt.
  6. Write things down.
  7. Prioritize your list.
  8. Plan your week, month, and quarter.
  9. Carry a notebook or reminder.
  10. Learn to say no when you cant.
  11. Think before acting.
  12. Continuously improve yourself and others.
  13. Think about what you are giving up to do your regular activities.
  14. Use a time management system if you need.
  15. Identify bad habits and work on them.
  16. Don’t do other people’s work (even if you like them).
  17. Don’t be a perfectionist.
  18. Beware of “filler” tasks, do what you really should do.
  19. Enjoy what you are doing, till you do what you enjoy 🙂