Business Environment: Mexico and Chile

Mexico has an extensive high speed broadband internet coverage in most of its cities. This is coupled with a well-educated human resources in ICT. In this regard, Mexico is considered as an attractive business process outsourcing and manufacturing locations in South America. This is also facilitated by the network of infrastructure that links Mexico to the US, which is the country largest trade partner. The government has also been keen on enhancing and improving its transport network across the entire country to facilitate the movement of people and goods. Significant modernization programs have been initiated in the airports, rail roads, and container handling facilities at the ports. In this regard, outsourcing manufacturing operations to different regions of the country have increased moving south away from the regions close to the American border.

Chile is ranked third all over the world in terms of technological connectivity. The country also has an elaborate and well maintained rail and road network that has made remote areas accessible. Moreover, the country has some of the best equipped and modernized airports and seaports in the world. This infrastructure has assist Chile to foster rapid economic development, as well as cultural and tourist activities. The country is connected to the major capitals of the world including 53 flights to different cities in the US, 37 to Europe, and 14 to Mexico. This has positioned Chile as a prime location to outsource manufacturing operations.