Five B2C Techniques You Can Use While Building Your B2B Strategy

Five B2C Techniques You Can Use While Building Your B2B Strategy

In the recent past, the line between B2C and B2B has become blurred. Changes in technology and regulation have reduced the wall that previously existed between the worlds of B2C and B2B. B2C involves the interaction and activities a business engages with an individual customer. On the other hand, activities on the B2B level encompass operations that take place between two businesses.

From marketing to customer experience, there are strategies that are dominantly used in B2C that can be of value to your B2B strategy. B2B marketers and strategists can benefit in a huge way from B2C techniques since the goals in the B2C and B2B scene are common and aligned.

Emotional Marketing

In the B2C scene, marketers have a keen focus on appealing to the customer. Emotional marketing is the mainstay of the B2C marketing scene since it helps to connect and bond with customers out there. Over time, this strategy has worked well, and B2C marketers have gained value by embedding emotions in their marketing techniques.

There is a sharp contrast when it comes to B2B. The complexity and technicality of B2B operations require different approaches. In the marketing space, however, there are some tenets that govern B2C that can be very useful in the B2B scene. Emotional marketing in B2B helps businesses to connect in a more humanized way.

Therefore, the concept of emotional marketing can be of value when it comes to crafting a solid B2B strategy.

Streamline the Process

In the B2B scene, one thing is clear: the processes are very complicated. Businesses offering enterprise-level solutions go through technical and complicated procedures that consume a lot of time and resources. B2C, on the contrary, is a simple process and does not involve a lot of details and methods.

Since B2C involves direct interaction with consumers, B2C businesses work towards simplifying and streamlining the whole process. This improves the customer’s experience and allows for efficient operations.

When coming up with a B2B strategy, it is important to make things as simple as possible. Even in the complicated of environments, breaking down things and streamlining thing will make the whole process easy to track and manage.


A hallmark of the B2C arena is the outside-the-box thinking and innovation. Businesses that sell directly to individual customers take risks coming up with new or modified products. These businesses have a focus on improving the customer experience since this can help them to improve sales and generate more revenue.

In the same vein, businesses selling to businesses can adopt innovative practices and take risks to offer cutting-edge goods and services to their customers. This can help to open up new horizons and bring in more business.

Manage Your Communications Well

Companies in the B2C scene have been able to maintain an edge over other companies by appropriately managing their communications. Notably, public relations are very crucial in the enterprise world. Businesses are built and destroyed by how they maintain their relations with the broader public.

The B2C enterprises have perfected the art of presenting their businesses in a good manner to the public. In return, companies that have done it well are popular among the public and have witnessed customer growth over time.

In the B2B scene, good communications can help to promote your business, retain customers and even win new business deals. Stern and Company reiterate that there is value in communicating appropriately and effectively managing public relations.

Embed a PR plan in your B2B strategy, and this will help you to maintain good relations with your customers and prospective clients.

Work on a Social Media Presence

Businesses selling to individual customers have been able to gain wide popularity and witness growth in customers thanks to social media. A significant number of the world’s population is on social media, and this shows how social media can be an excellent place to showcase your business’s products or capabilities.

B2C has benefitted the most from social media since it has allowed direct and personalized interaction with the target audience.  Companies in the B2C scene have leveraged on the power of social media to generate leads and keep in touch with their clientele.

The B2B world is a different kettle of fish. Crafting and implementing a social media strategy in the B2B world can be very tricky. However, times are changing, and businesses need to adapt to these changes less they lose out to competition.

Craft and implement a social media presence for your business and use those platforms to post information and links to websites and blogs that have more details about your business.

There is nothing wrong with coming up with a social media strategy in your grand B2B strategy. In fact, it helps you to get the word to the target audience while marketing your products at the same time.

In closing, the line between B2C and B2B is increasingly becoming thin. B2B strategists are embedding B2C tactics in their plans to realize optimal gains for their businesses.