The Most Wanted Jobs in America in the Last Two Years

The Most Wanted Jobs in America in the Last Two Years

A research by SmartAsset, a financial website in 2016 reveals the most wanted jobs in America. Surprisingly in its top ten, the five best paying jobs paid an average of over $96,000 whereas the remaining on the list had an under $ 33,000. In 2017, a report by Shawn Carters also talks about the most wanted jobs falling in the same salary categories of $30,000 to over $90,000. Generally, this list reveals the most sought out jobs in America. The list ranges from health aides and specialists, managers to technologists.

  1. Health specialists

A medical doctor, a nursing specialist, medical assistants personal care aides were among the best paid with the lowest at $22,700 and the highest, a nursing specialist netting about $104,000. With the increases in health institutions, medical research institutions, nursing homes and elderly home nursing facilities, the health sector attracts many professionals. The jobs in the health industry are estimated to increase by over 25 percent.  A project need in nursing, and medical expertise makes the sector one of the market lucrative and on-demand in the job market.

  1. Strategy managers

Netting a salary of $130,000 are essential in helping people, businesses, state corporations, and various institutions, strategy managers assist in developing business by offering strategic solutions. The job favors MBA holders, strategy consultants, and advanced degree holders. The post had about one thousand vacancies in 2017 and therefore attractive in the labor market.

  1. UX designers

UX designers are known for their ability to make tech products user-friendly. UX designers through a user interface and customer understanding can tell how best the consumer can navigate a product without the need of the developer being present. UX designers have had a salary estimated at $92,500. With interests and knowledge in Computer Science and programming, one can still secure a job as a UX specialist. A good pay makes the position make it to the list as one of the sought out for in the labor market in America.

  1. Database manager

A technologist with interests in database programs can do a job in database management. The role in the last two years was among the top rated with the best getting away with about $93,000. With many corporations in America rising each day, a database manager for data systems becomes one of the most wanted in the US.

  1. HR Manager

The human resource department is one of the largest and always hiring departments in most corporations. The need for this department makes the head of the department a well paid professional.  The HR department is responsible for hiring personnel for most organizations. Its role makes the department an essential part of any organizational structure. For the last two years, highly rated human resource managers have earned about $80,000. The human resource head is quite valuable and most sought job.

  1. Tax specialist

Today taxes have become a pain to most of the employed and self-employed crowd. The need for knowledge in taxation in the US has become pronounced. With the need for tax consultancies and tax advisors, a job as a tax specialist places any professional in a position that promises a good pay. On average, in 2017 a tax specialist earned about $110,000 making it among the well-paying jobs in America. Today people are paying to go back to school and get certified as tax professionals, making this job one of the most applied for in America.

  1. Analytics specialist

Organizations for the past decade have been trying to move from good to high. To meet market demands, fight market threats, predict market trends and consumer behaviors come to the need for an analytics specialist. The job has gained demand from many employers, and therefore the labor market is also struggling to get its cut in the analytics industries from the need for statisticians, mathematicians, and strategists.

  1. Data security specialist

Over the last few years, people in America have been exposed to cybercrimes. Organizations in fear for the loss of information to cybercrime activities have put in place systems and people to protect their data. The job is, therefore, termed as sensitive and quite important, professionals in data security are in high demand, well paid and has been on the radar of unemployed and unsatisfied data security specialists.

  1. Content and marketing managers

With the need to attract more clients, content marketing has become the order of the day by many organizations. Companies are hiring content managers and content marketing specialists to produce unique and sales content about their products and services for their markets. With less knowledge together and ability to write for a niche, a content writing and marketing job has attracted more seekers over the past years.


These jobs have attracted the attention of the labor market for the last two years and could be the best so far. Getting equipped on skills of the above jobs promise a good pay once a professional has settled on the job.