About Us

SETTEC is a leading company in Engineering, Environmental and Management consultancy.

SETTEC is a leading consultant in the IT and communication field.

SETTEC is a leading Seminar Organizer and Training Company.

SETTEC is a representative of international consultancy firms.

SETTEC was introduced in Egypt early in 2001 as a general consultancy, training and trading company. The consultancy part is so far limited to environmental consultancies and manufacturing management consultancy. Training in the form of three-day seminars is a major module that took place ever since the company started with a frequency of at least two seminars per month out of which one is covering an environmental issue and the other covering topics such as manufacturing management, strategic marketing, training management, etc. With a regularly updated and accurate database covering 2000 of Egypt’s biggest industrial facilities, SETTEC is an important player in organizing specialized seminars serving the Egyptian industry. Apart from these activities, SETTEC is involved in waste handling, recycling, and waste exporting. In addition, SETTEC represents a lot of foreign manufacturers in the industrial field as well as consultancy firms.. Finally, SETTEC has an ambitious plan to convert its web presence www.settecltd.com to a mini portal serving the Egyptian industry.